Unbelievable Wedding Cakes by “3 Brothers Bakery” in Houston TX

If you are looking for amazing cakes for your wedding, you no longer need to go Martha Stewart’s website just to know what the dessert trends nowadays. In Houston alone, there are a number of bakeries that you could choose your wedding cake centerpiece. Unbelievable wedding cakes by “3 Brothers Bakery” in Houston will surely delight you.

wedding cakeIn planning your wedding, you need to make lots of decisions including the dessert. Cake is one of the most important factor of your wedding event since everyone is looking forward to it. You may be very eager to taste your first cake but the challenge here is if you know what type of cake you really need.

Betty Who will help you choose what is the best design that will represent your personality. Of course, the cake should match the aesthetics of your big day. If your wedding theme is formal then choosing a multi-tier is perfect. This structured cake will be showing your elaborate aesthetics that will surely surprise everyone. You have the option to make it round, hexagonal or square. Choose the shape that you think will please everyone. When it comes to color, white is the most popular choice but you can play along with other palettes or ombres to make it more exciting.

For informal events, you can also experiment on combining cakes and cupcakes in your tiered centerpiece. This is quite unconventional but it will make everyone amazed since your cake is very creative. You can also add iced frosting to your cake or simply infuse meringue and other sweet delights. Cakes for informal wedding events could be anything; you can explore different cake ideas by searching online samples and discuss it with the provider.

But choosing for a cake is not as simple as that. To make it more classy, you need to pay attention to the details of the motic. If you are getting married in Houston, you can make your cake look like one of the city’s famous architecture. Not only that, you can also infuse elements of nature that you can see here in Houston.

When it comes to the flavoring of your cake, there are so many options. Since most bridal cakes are typically colored yellow or white, it does not mean that you cannot make it chocolate flavored. You can still make it white or yellow but still chocolate inside. You can even color your cake as red but what is inside is carrot flavored. It is fun to select the fillings and outside color so your cake because it will show off your creativity. Your consultant will assist you along the way.

If you want to amaze your invited guests more, you can always accessorize and customize your wedding cake. Another trend that is very popular nowadays is aside from the main wedding cake, there is another groom’s cake. Most groom’s cakes are darker in color, usually chocolate filled, to add contrast to the lighter and whiter bridal cake. If you want to add this feature, you can talk with your baker.

If you have some ideas in your mind, you can always talk to your providers. Unbelievable wedding cakes by “3 Brothers Bakery” in Houston will spice up the centerpiece of your event. Cake is a very important symbol of a traditional and even non-conventional wedding so it should always be perfect. Sealing off the deal with a contract is the most appropriate thing to do so you will be protected as a customer, click for more info.

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